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New shop - Discovery

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Prior to embarking on the important task of creating a new Shopify store, it's crucial to define precisely what you envision for your upcoming webshop. This includes:

  • Determining the systems it should seamlessly integrate with.
  • Identifying the target countries for your product sales.
  • Outlining the team members who will be involved in managing the shop.
  • Clearly defining your goals and objectives for establishing this new shop.

To assist our clients in establishing the most comprehensive webshop specifications, we provide a process we refer to as "Discovery," which encompasses three distinct phases:

  1. We request our clients to complete a survey containing approximately 30 questions.
  2. We conduct a focused, 3-hour workshop designed to facilitate discussions and pinpoint optimal solutions.
  3. Following the workshop, we deliver a comprehensive scope, project plan, and budget to guide the project forward.

Please reach out to us to learn more about Discovery. If you are ready to move on complete the purchase and we will get back to you with within 1 workday.


It is possible to purchase our services directly in the webshop or we can send an invoice. If you prefer the last option let's talk.