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Performance review

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Performance reviews serve two primary purposes:

  1. Uncover untapped potential within specific marketing channels.
  2. Gain insights into the necessary actions required to unlock this untapped potential.


Following a comprehensive analysis of your current setup, we will create a detailed and easily comprehensible Google Slides presentation. This presentation will highlight areas in need of improvement. Each performance review will include a potential estimate, quantifying the expected year-over-year improvements in key metrics. Additionally, we will provide an Impact/Effort grid to assist you in prioritising the identified tasks.

The Google Slide deck will be presented and handed over during a 2-hour meeting, which can be done either online or offline.


To conduct the review effectively, we require access to all relevant systems. Currently, we review the following channels: Google Ads, Meta, and SEO. Read only access is sufficient.


It is possible to purchase our services directly in the webshop or we can send an invoice. If you prefer the last option let's talk.